[ENG] Hyungry – Bossed Around

Hyungry Bossed Around

Plot Summary

Hyun Woo is a typical 9-5 office worker. He works for a mobile gaming company meaning he’s constantly having to work and make deadlines. The only thing that gets him the day is seeing his boss, Alex Seng, whom he’s in love with. Unfortunately, Alex is a straight and married man with a kid. One night, Hyun stays late in the office to finish up some work and ends up witnessing his boss having an affair in his office! Hyun then decides to take advantage of this situation for his own guilty pleasures and feelings towards his boss


Hyungry Bossed Around

Hyun Woo, 23

Hyungry Bossed Around

Alex Seng, 30

Password: BaraMangaOnline (case sensitive)

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