[ENG] Hyungry – Step Education 1

Hyungry Step Education 1

Plot Summary

Zachary Dunn is an 18 year old teenager still growing up and trying to discover how his body works. He’s never had a father or any male figure in his life to help guide him with that topic nor does he have any male friends to discuss it with. His mother recently gets re-married to Jason Miller, who becomes his new Step Dad. Zack admits he’s still awkward around his new step-dad but he really admires and appreciates him for being understanding of his comfort zone. When Zack’s mother has to leave for a business trip, she suggests that the two go on a trip to bond and connect with each other more. Much to Zack’s dismay, the two end up going camping together and soon end up becoming closer than ever.


Hyungry Step Education 1

Zachary Dunn, 18

Hyungry Step Education 1

Jason Miller, 38

Password: BaraMangaOnline (case sensitive)

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