[ENG] Adult Source Media – Pirate’s Booty

Adult Source Media Pirate's Booty
Adult Source Media Pirate's Booty

Plot Summary

They’re not fighters… they’re not lovers. It’s pirate love like you’ve never seen, with a booty worth plundering. Award-winning leader in adult animated entertainment Adult Source Media presents Pirate’s Booty, its first full-length, fantasy-based gay adult CGI movie. Featuring the most realistic looking characters short of live actors, the action has to be seen to be believed. Come sail away with Captain Jack Swallows and his crew as they set sail on the rough seas and encounter even rougher hardcore sex along the way. Throw in a spirit who possesses each crew member and releases the inner “plunderer” within them, and you’ve got the makings for a raunchy good time! Watch as first mate Jukes takes liberties with a native island boy. The two go at it on a secluded beach, both flipping and taking turns ramming their hard cocks into each other the way nature intended – raw and uncut. Jukes is feeling cocky after his beach romp and gets locked into the stocks for mouthing off to the captain. This gives the muscle bear guard the opportunity he’s been waiting for – to have his way with Jukes. Lucky for the guard a horny little spirit possesses Juke’s body as he’s bound to the stocks – or so he thinks – turning him into an insatiable bottom, ready for anything the guard is ready to give him… and more. After finding out the guard took advantage of Jukes, Captain Jack decides to show the guard that he’s the only one who’s supposed to be dishing out punishments. In his quarters, Jack shows the burly guard his sword and how he likes to plunge it to the hilt – giving him a lesson he’ll never forget. The big bear flips the Captain over and shows him who’s running who. The spirit who took the form of the Captain coerces the young cabin boy, and decides to show him that there are other uses for cannons than just firing balls at the enemy. When the real Captain catches the spirit pounding away at his young love, his voyeuristic side comes out. He pulls on his meat while watching the shell of himself plundering the young twink’s backside. Back in the Captain’s cabin, the innocent cabin boy – still enlightened from his first time – resists but can ‘t help himself when he sees Captain Jack’s furry chest and massive uncut cock. He willingly gives up his young tender ass for the Captain to bury his treasure in. You can smell the salty seamen in the air.
Password: BaraMangaOnline (case sensitive)

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