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Gay Harem : MEN, SEX & FUN!

Gay Harem

Enter a world where men have gone wild for sex! Create your own harem of sexy hunks and defeat opponents in thrilling sexual contests. In Gay Harem, you can enjoy a real RPG with tons of uncensored content. Explore a universe of video-games men, recruit them in your team, grow your harem, and build up your hero to defeat other players in strategic harem battles! Can you create the mightiest harem of this oversexed world? Find out in Gay Harem!

Gay Harem
Gay Harem

Gay Harem is a multiplayer online game. It has it’s own unique adventurous character with tons of manga parodies and nasty content. The game is a unique handcrafted adventure with tons of manga parodies and dirty content. You have your choice of partaking in the competitions, conquering the PvP scene, or simply progressing the story. Or you can do it all – the world is your oyster! Gay Harem has a great storyline, which you can enjoy by entering your “Adventure” map. Progressing though it is really easy and you can also go back to previous worlds and quests, if you want to.

Gay Harem

Begin City is where the journey starts. Though, where it ends – no one knows! Each world provides you different content and the opportunity to meet lots of handsome, hot guys. Your main purpose will be to attract them into your harem, of course. You can do it either by battling the current world boss or by playing pachinko (a bit more on that later). Your journey in “Adventure” will be full of fun and new experiences.

Gay Harem

Your “Harem”

This is how your harem look like:

Gay Harem

Some important points:
  • Take good care of guys when they enter your harem – treat them well, give them presents! In return, you will receive special intimate scenes with them. 😉
  • The more you give to them, the more they pay you back!
  • You can unlock more looks for each guy and choose their appearance.
  • With the “Awakening” feature, you can push your guy’s sexiness past their normal limit!

Gay Harem
Gay Harem
Gay Harem

Where to buy them presents from? The “Market”, of course!

You can choose amongst four types of items in the shop:
  • Equipment: These are worn by your hero and permanently increase one of multiple of his stats. The only acceptable amount of bling is more bling!
  • Boosters: Need a pick-me-up? Our resident remedies master has you covered! As their name suggests, these provide a large, but temporary boost to your hero’s stats. Use these when you are facing tougher opposition while climbing the rankings.
  • Books: Knowledge is pleasure! Give these to your guys to teach them new sexy techniques and increase their experience, making them better sexual partner and, thus, stronger in competitions against other harems.
  • Gifts: Reward your guys and increase their attraction to you… Meaning get them naked! Unlock more kinky poses and progressively steamier scenes the more you make your guys fall for you!

  • Gay Harem


    Violence does not exist in the Haremverse. Still, disputes need to be settled one way or another, and the hunks of this world have decided to get it done by seeing who’s got the best cock and who rides that cock best.

    Gay Harem

    Season Battles: Compete against other Heroes, earn Mojo and unlock increasingly better seasonal rewards;

    Gay Harem

    Tower of Fame: Wanker. Sexpert! DICKTATOR!!!. Fuck your way up to the top of the ladder and earn glory and bountiful rewards. The higher up on that tower you are, the better the prizes!

    Gay Harem

    Sex God Path: Sex your way through a gauntlet of hunks, big and small, kinky and lustful, recruit some rare and exceptionally desirable guys into your team.

    Gay Harem

    Sex and Club Champions – Put your lovemaking skills to the test and impress the champions standing in your way to ascencion – either by yourself, or with friends ;). Speaking of which…


    Joining a club will allow you to hang out with other players and help each other to progress!

    Gay Harem
    Gay Harem


    Have your pick from Great, Epic, and Mythic Pachinko! Each is more expensive than the previous, but also yields greater and sexier rewards!

    Gay Harem
    Gay Harem

    “Daily Missions, Contests, Places of Power”

    Under the “Daily Missions” tab, you can find various daily… Errands? Missions? It includes lots and lots of sex, ok?… which will give you experience and other resources that you can use to improve yourself and your boys.

    Gay Harem

    In “Contests” you can only prove your skills by completing the objectives given there. And, to give you a bit more incentive – other players will be nipping at your nice, sweet, little butt.

    Gay Harem

    Finally, visiting the “Places of power” will let you send a team of your hunks on a mission, from which they will return with goodies… or perhaps a nice new friend, who knows.

    Gay Harem

    “Side missions”

    Want to change things up from the main story? Go on a little side quest with one (or more) of your favorite sexy boys.

    Gay Harem
    Gay Harem
    Gay Harem

    The game gets updated on a weekly basis, so more sexy stuff is coming soon, always! 🙂

    Join this crazy world and have a try on www.gayharem.com, it’s free!

    Gay Harem
    Gay Harem

    Use promo code “BaraManga2022” for a free 10 USD pack of Kobans (1320 Kobans) for new sign-ups (first 7 days) and “HappyNewBara” for freebies

    Gay Harem

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