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Please report broken links here in the comments. I will delete them as I resolve the error. Thank you BaraMangaOnline readers.

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12 Responses

  1. Norbert Roll says:

    No downloads are possible due to the not working advertising site

    • kkfactory says:

      ah and do you know its going to fixed?
      ( i am asking you this question assuming you are a moderator/admin or something of that sort for the site)

  2. Norbert Roll says:

    Sorry, I’m no moderator. I receive “Error 404 Page not found” always for all tries do download anything.

  3. Shannon Smith says:

    The baccikoi expansion pack is completely broken when you download it the game will not open both mac and pc are like this

  4. barney says:

    all of the Humplex things are broken

  5. Smith says:

    Why the chofoloco not working pls fox it i want it to play again

  6. fat says:

    I have a report to make. All of the humplex games are broken, none of the the start buttons are showing and just the pictures & endings are showing, please fix this!

  7. star says:

    All the flash games on the baramangaonline have been erased.
    If you can’t recover, can you upload the link to the baramangaonline data storage that you previously posted?

  8. Anonymous says:

    All the humplex game is broken i cant play it in flash

  9. Anonymous says:

    the camp buddy 2.0 file does not work, wondering if there’s missing files in the package

  10. Anonymous says:

    wondering if there’s a missing file in the camp buddy 2.0 package, the game just didn’t work.

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