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Please report broken links here in the comments. I will delete them as I resolve the error. Thank you BaraMangaOnline readers.

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12 Responses

  1. Norbert Roll says:

    No downloads are possible due to the not working advertising site

    • kkfactory says:

      ah and do you know its going to fixed?
      ( i am asking you this question assuming you are a moderator/admin or something of that sort for the site)

  2. Shannon Smith says:

    The baccikoi expansion pack is completely broken when you download it the game will not open both mac and pc are like this

  3. Anonymous says:

    the camp buddy 2.0 file does not work, wondering if there’s missing files in the package

  4. Anonymous says:

    wondering if there’s a missing file in the camp buddy 2.0 package, the game just didn’t work.

  5. Hyun says:

    the PC Version can’t run
    extracted file(s) are missing and ended unexpectedly


    • I'm so GAYYYYY says:


  6. lalalalakoko says:

    Full service download doesn’t have the .exe file in it 🙁

  7. Mark Curton says:

    I am Mark, from Woodbox Media and i am interested in buying Text links, Banners or sponsored posts on your website baramangaonline.
    Can i have the prices and placements available? If you have more sites, let me know.  

    Provide with your Skype/ICQ if possible.

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