[JPN, ENG] My Brother’s Husband Otouto No Otto 弟の夫 3 (2018)

My Brother's Husband Otouto No Otto 弟の夫
My Brother's Husband Otouto No Otto 弟の夫

Plot Summary

After his estranged twin Ryoji’s unexpected death, Yaichi is thrown for another loop when his brother’s husband from Canada, Mike Flanagan, comes for a visit. His daughter Kana takes to her new Canadian uncle with enthusiasm and innocent curiosity, forcing Yaichi to confront societal issues and his own internalised homophobia as he learns to accept his brother-in-law.


Yukihiro Toda, Teruyuki Yoshida


Gengoroh Tagame (manga), Yukihiro Toda (teleplay)


Baruto Kaito, Ryûta Satô, Yuri Nakamura, Maharu Nemoto

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