[ENG] The Best Men (2007)

The Best Men (2007)

Plot Summary

A meditation on love, longing, and regret. Moments before his best friend’s wedding, Peter gets one last chance to rekindle mutual feelings long suppressed, but not abandoned. Sometimes the perfect reminder of first love’s passion is but a simple kiss from the best man. The Best Men explores a universal heartache that every individual has experienced – the feeling of having missed out on true love.


Tony Wei


Jesse Whitnall


Michael Ellison, Jason Yarusi, Anna Moore

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  1. Roger Geurts says:

    Hi man, thanks for all these movies in verry good quality! I have a question is it possible to post here the movie L’ ultima rivoluzione also know as Cover boy from 2006 or 2007, it’s a Italian movie. Thank you again, and keep this site on the air!

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