[ENG] Humbuged (Humplex) – Manful: The Sailor

Humplex Manful The Sailor

Bed Ending

Talk: Hey, sailor!
Talk: How are you?
Talk: What are you doing out here?
Talk: Can I try out your jumper?
Talk: I’ve got something…
Talk: Since you’re on leave…
Talk: They make you wear…
Talk: I want to lick you…
Talk: Let’s see that big…
Touch: All

Rimjob Ending

Touch: Boat and Sea
Talk: Hey, Sailor!
Talk: What are you doing here?
Talk: Cute Dixie Cup!
Talk: Can I try out your Jumper?
Touch: Forearm
Talk: I just love Sailors!
Talk: Since you’re on leave, mind taking your shirt off?
Touch: Forearm and Abs
Talk: They make you wear bell bottoms?
Touch: Ass
Talk: I’ve got something that might interest you…
Talk: I want to lick you all over!
Talk: You hungry for something, Sailor?
Talk: Let’s see that big, hard mast of yours.
Touch: Arm and Cock
Talk: Squirt it all over!
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