[ENG] Hana 益集 Studio – The End of Dreams 1

Hana 益集 Studio The End of Dreams
Hana 益集 Studio The End of Dreams
Hana 益集 Studio The End of Dreams
Hana 益集 Studio The End of Dreams

Plot Summary

The game is all about Kevin (the player), who, from the recommendation of his father, plays a video game entitled, “The End of Dreams” where he is then sucked into. According to the story, he is summoned to the world of End of Dreams as the “Chosen One” to save the world. Along the way, he meets heroic but quirky (and mostly hunky. :D) characters who help him on his heroic and rather erotic journey in the fight against evil.

Hana 益集 Studio The End of Dreams
Kevin (you, the player)
  • He is a common university student.
  • From his father’s recommendation, he started to play the game “The End of Dreams”.
  • His job is unknown.
  • He can equip any equipment you can find in the games. (And will learn both skill attacks or Magic spells.)
  • According to the story he is summoned to the world of End of Dreams as the “Chosen One” to save the world.
  • He is an ordinary hero like any other story.
Hana 益集 Studio The End of Dreams
  • He acts as a guide to player in the game of End of Dreams.
  • He is a wizard.(He learns ice/lightning/debuff spells)
  • Although he knows everything about this world, he is super weak in battle. No one can understand how can he survive all this time.
Hana 益集 Studio The End of Dreams
  • A character the player meets in the mercenary camp.
  • He is a warrior who can double wield weapons.(He gets no spells but some skills like songs/sword attacks.)
  • He is a very good warrior but it seems that he worked in some sort of “Servicing” business too.
  • He has a complicated past, also he has a sword inside of him.
Hana 益集 Studio The End of Dreams

Recommended Operating System

OS: Microsoft® Windows® XP / Vista /7/8 CPU: Intel® Pentium®4 1.5GHz or higher Memory: 256MB or higher Display: Resolution 1024 × 768 or higher, in full colour. Sound: DirectSound Hard disk space: 500MB or higher

How to Play

Press the arrow keys, “↑, ↓, ←, →”, to move the character/cursor/selection box. Press “Space”, “Enter” to confirm/select/examine. Press “Shift” to speed up movement speed and combat speed. Press “Alt” + “Enter” to entire full screen/windowed mode. On the map, press “ESC” to bring up the main menu. NOTE: Erased save files cannot be recovered. Please choose carefully when overwriting.

Password: BaraMangaOnline (case sensitive)

Unlocked CG/Art

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22 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    not sure but for some reason it won’t work for me…not sure if it’s because I’m running windows 10 but I can’t get past the menu…just pressing an arrow is enough to cause a pop-up that kicks me out…

  2. Chris says:

    Would you look at that! A homoerotic game in the style of OFF! I think I’m going to enjoy this.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Need Chapter 2, completed the game.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I had the same problem than the first poster: a pop-up appeared when I tried pressing anything in the Main Menu, also in Windows 10. The way I solved the problem was simply to extract the game in a folder without Japanese characters.

    Fantastic game, by the way! Hope the next chapters get published soon!

  5. Chris says:

    I’m pissed that the bandit boss wasn’t a top. But that’s just the way it goes, I guess…

  6. James says:

    How do I find my save files I cant load them

  7. Mimi says:

    This Game is pretty amazing. It borrows a lot of inspiration from other popular heterosexual rpg’s but doesn’t feel tired. It gives a certain nostalgic feeling for me as a gamer and also bring new experience due to the fact that it is homoerotic which is relatable.

  8. hohoh says:

    how can i save this game?

  9. Anonymous says:

    How do I get the audio to work?

  10. Anonymous says:

    Do you know the release date of part 2? I completed this one already

  11. Anonymous says:

    what program do I need to run this game?

  12. Anonymous says:

    Any news on chapter 2?

  13. Waterson says:

    when the chapter 2 release?

  14. Mr. Awesome says:

    Ah…. Anonymous is that you my men? r you playing this for the whole time, but nice game dude i like this game you gave it to me, now i understand what are you talking about first you gave me a SCH then this your so cool

    but thanks I feel you dude I wish you stay well and fine… dont tell everyone in real that youre a BI man, I hope your Anonymous, if not sorry anonymous hehehe,

  15. chadwulf says:

    Any news on that chapter 2 translation? Also, do the creators have a Patreon or something where I can support their work?
    This game is amazing! It really went above and beyond.

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