[DUT, ENG] For a Lost Soldier Voor Een Verloren Soldaat (1992)

For a Lost Soldier Voor Een Verloren Soldaat (1992)

Plot Summary

Set in The Netherlands at the end of WW II, this touching story, told in flashbacks, explores the complex and romantic relationship between an adult soldier and a displaced, lonely adolescent boy.


Roeland Kerbosch


Don Bloch, Rudi van Dantzig (novel)


Maarten Smit, Andrew Kelley, Jeroen Krabbé

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2 Responses

  1. anon says:

    So basically this was a movie about a child and a pedophile who is a solder. The solder manipulates the child into thinking that he was chosen and that he was special just to have sex with the child who starts to feel these feelings of love for the solder. Ultimately the father steps in and stops the abuse, the entire movie no one really exposes this as being a terrible practice and you see other solders with other children male and female. It was a movie that came from a director who is prob a pedophile.

    • Anonymous says:

      I was most shocked when they both started eating chocolate and thEN STARTED MAKING OUT AND LITERALLY RIGHT AFTER YOU CAN SEE CHOCOLATE SMEARED ALL OVER THE BOY’S faCE, THEY LITERALLY MADE OUT. That part REALLY made me shiver my timbers. Also, this movie is a waste of time, I would like my time bAck

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