[DAN, ENG] Perpetual Mørke Rum (2015)

[DAN, ENG] Perpetual Mørke Rum (2015)

Plot Summary

Mørke Rum (Perpetual) is an unconventional love story that centers around a private booth at a seedy sex club. The young Sebastian explores his sexuality and seeking sex/love online. He meets the older Jacob, who takes him to a sex club. In the new and frightening surroundings Sebastian surrenders and in their subsequent meetings love sprouts, at least for Sebastian. Outside the darkness of intense togetherness, the reality penetrates. Jacob is full of lust and not love. So when Sebastian’s hopes are disappointed and Jacob pulls away, Sebastian returns to the dark room to restore the lost with a stranger


Peter Ahlén (as Peter Lavrsen)


Jakob Holtet Stridbæk (screenplay), Peter Ahlén (screenplay) (as Peter Lavrsen)


Nicolas Wollesen, Mads Hjulmand, Sofie Topp-Duus

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