[CG/Art] Gay Harem – Seph


Hair Color: Pink
Eye Color: Golden
Birthday: September 14th
Zodiac: Virgo
Location: The World
Career: Pro submissive
Style: Orgy Freak
Favorite Food: French fries
Hobby: Mechanics
Fetish: Vibrators
About: If there’s one thing Seph can do well it’s take a pounding! Seph has great pride in his power bottom abilities, boasting high tolerance and endurance during a good old rough and tumble. Seph likes to take things to the limit, often pushing his body (ass) to the brink in order to feel deeper depths of pleasure.
Parody Info: Sett, the Boss (League of Legends)
Seph is as muscular and has an imposing nature as Sett, but while Sett is a redhead, Seph’s hair is purple, and he wears an extremely short shorts, showing off his muscular thighs. Both of them also can take absurd amount of hits, and for Seph’s case, it’s his ass that can take a lot of pounding.

Gay Harem Seph
Gay Harem Seph
Gay Harem Seph
Gay Harem Seph
Gay Harem Seph
Gay Harem Seph
Gay Harem Seph

Password: BaraMangaOnline (case sensitive)

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